Garden Suns and Silicone Molds

These are large garden-suns I cast out of sifted concrete. The mold is made of my super secret silicone recipe. It’s self curing, so it cures throughout in 30 min regardless of thickness.
Super secret recipe for silicone mold material:
1 ounce white Silicone 1 caulk (or any 100% silicone caulk)
5 drops Glycerin (get it at a pharmacy)
1 drop blue acrylic paint.

Mix together until a consistent color is reached. smear onto object you want to replicate. Wait approximately 30 minutes. Peal off and enjoy.

The glycerin is what makes the silicone cure throughout. It also makes the mold peel off the object really easy.
The paint lets you see when the mixture is blended completely.


~ by crystalfacet on March 15, 2011.

One Response to “Garden Suns and Silicone Molds”

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