Amulet of Old-Lookingness

I wanted to experiment with surface carving, so I made these very simple bone ‘amulets’. The surface carvings are a mixture of African, Polynesian, and possibly Ethiopian design. They are aged with a dangerously strong brew of tea and vinegar, and the depth was brought out with brown acrylic paint.


~ by crystalfacet on October 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Amulet of Old-Lookingness”

  1. I found your site while surfing the net. I think you are awesome and crazy talented. How did you prepare the bones for carving and what are the different tools you use?

    • It’s great to hear you found my site, and I’m glad you like my projects!
      I make the bone carvings by first cutting a full sized bone into a smaller amulet sized rectangle. Then, I use a drum sander to round the sharp edges. After that, I drill the hole and carve the designs with a Dremel (endmill tool).

      Bone is naturally white and it needs to be stained in order to show the depth of the carving. to stain it, I first sand the carving with 120 grit sandpaper. Then I soak the carving in a solution of white vinegar and instant tea for no less that 10 hours. If the piece isn’t dyed for a minimum of 10 hours, the surface of the bone will look grey instead of brown.

      After the pieces are dyed, I rub black acrylic paint into the recesses, and wipe off the excess.

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