Re-Handled Mora Knife

This is my new wood carving knife. It’s a Swedish Mora, so the steel takes a beautiful sharper-than-an-Xacto knife-edge. Great for whittling and crafts.


~ by crystalfacet on September 16, 2010.

10 Responses to “Re-Handled Mora Knife”

  1. Hi! Thanks for helping me choose a knife I really appreciate it cos’ its a lot of help. In Singapore, people just care about grades grade and (well…) GRADESSSSS!!!!! So that means I have no one to ask =( And being 12 years old I am by no means seen as someone who would like whittling. I’m a real odd ball… I have taken your advice and looked up sharpening. I want to try and introduce my friends to this hobby in the future but bringing a fixed blade around ain’t so comfy. Any advice on a cheap folder? The Opinels seem quite good. Thanks again!

    • The Opinels knife looks good, but it’s not made of the right steel and it doesn’t have a good wood-cutting edge design. I wouldn’t recommend it for wood carving, but I’ve never actually used one before (just my speculation). A good wood carving knife will be made of carbon steel and have either a hollow ground edge, or a skandi-grind.

      I think you will be quite surprised by how easily your Mora knife will fit it your pocket, so wait until you get that before you look into a folding wood carving knife.

      I’ve only seen one folding knife that’s good for wood carving, it’s called a ‘Carving Jack’. Unfortunately, it’s very expensive.

  2. hi again… Really sorry that I have to bother you with these questions but I really can’t find anyone else. I looked at the link that you gave me and thought WOW. 6 pounds… that is pretty darned cheap. But the blade length… My mom would kill me with it if she saw me using a 4 inch knife… So I did a little search and found the Frost 120 (by mora) Do you think its good?

    • That’s an excellent choice! Even better for carving than the one I showed you, shorter blades are typically easier to control.

      While you’re waiting for yours to come in the mail, I recommend you do some research on knife sharpening. It’s an immensely helpful skill that all woodworkers should have.

      Keep in touch!

  3. Hi again! I checked out the mora website and their knives look AWESOME! Like you said the handles don’t look very good. I want to get a knife which is useful for general purpose but I still do want to carve with it. Can you recommend me one? Should it be single beveled or double beveled (another bevel near the edge)?

  4. hi. I was really amazed at your instructables. I was wodering how you got your knife so sharp and how did you sharpen it.

  5. You re-handled the knife yourself? Nice job. Where did you get the blade?

    • The blade was in an original Mora Knife handle, but I removed the handle and made a new one. All Mora Carbon steel knifes are amazing and will make great knives if you re-handle them. The handles they come with are cheap, that’s how Mora keeps their prices down.

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