EmberLamp Cage Pendant

I found these nice folks at the local farmers market who sold homemade soap and tumbled glass. Apparently, the younger members of their family go to old dump sites nearby and collect shards of antique mason jars, Chlorox bottles, and what have you. The shards are then put into a rock tumbler with some beach sand, water, and lots of patience. It takes like four to six weeks for the glass to get nice and soft edged

Anyway, I purchased a few bags of the stuff (they didn’t know what to do with it, but it sure looked cool) and made some strange necklaces with it. I drilled a bunch of the glass pieces with a diamond drill (for pendents), then decided to cage them in metal for a more sophisticated look. Here ya go! I’m really quite happy with the results…

If any of you guys/gals out there have any special beach/sea glass fragment they want put inside a cage, I’d love to help 🙂 I can do a cage in steel (Grey one above), a cage in copper (Brass colored one above), or a silver cage (not pictured)


~ by crystalfacet on August 1, 2010.

One Response to “EmberLamp Cage Pendant”

  1. Those look great!

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