Pocket Loom

I made a little plastic device that allows you to weave a band of fabric up to one inch wide. Perfect for making bracelets!

It’s a pretty simple device, here’s a video:


~ by crystalfacet on June 21, 2010.

7 Responses to “Pocket Loom”

  1. Are you selling these? Would love to own one!

  2. Would you consider selling one to me?

  3. Great idea…!!! I like a lot.

  4. A mini rigid heddle. This is epic to say the least. Been hunting all over for one for a specific method of Scandinavian band weaving but can not find any. How did you make this? What materials and tools did you use?

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I made it out of a piece of plexiglas. The design is very simple, it’s just a slot followed by a little hole (repeat until desired band width is achieved). This loom has 6 slots with 5 holes in between. None of the dimensions are critical as long as they are consistent.

  5. This is totally sweet! I was wanting to make some woven bracelets and have been trying to figure it out with my lap loom! You totally need to get hooked up with a company like Darice!

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