Blacksmith Forge

I went to a festival yesterday and met a real cool guy who made knives and decor out of steel that he forged himself! Now, I’ve always wanted to do that so I finally got to making my own ‘forge’. It’s really just a steel can wrapped in ceramic fiber insulation, wrapped in tin foil (to keep the insulation where it belongs), fueled by my glass working torch. The open end of the steel can is covered with a fire brick.

This whole assembly made my torch get fiercely hot, so I rigged up a fountain pump to supply a steady stream of water to the torch’s neck.

My first knife!

Not as good as the knives I saw at the festival, but not all that bad for my first ‘real’ knife!


~ by crystalfacet on June 14, 2010.

One Response to “Blacksmith Forge”

  1. Do us all a favor devote some time to power generation. You will probably invent a new type of generator. Your inventiveness is exceeded only by your zeal. May you never lose your love of learning. Your parents must be very proud of you and your accomplishments.

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