New Solar Panel

I finally quit procrastinating and built a BIGGER solar panel for my Mp3 player. All the parts are scavenged except for the glue and the solar cells. It’s predecessor, the small panel, was 100% scavenged (even the cells!).

The larger panel puts out 5 volts at 400mA. A USB port in a computer puts out 5 volts at 500mA, so this panel charges the device almost as fast as a computer does. One quantum leap in the new panels design is that it is archival and DESIGNED to operate for over 25 years (probably even to 40 years). That means free electricity for a longer time than USB will even exist…
Oh, and the panel looks BEAUTIFUL 😀

The wood looks rough, but it’s actually glassy smooth. That texture is actually the wood grain!

This is the old panel, the INFERIOR one 🙂

Free electricity never looked so good!


~ by crystalfacet on April 9, 2010.

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